Second Varsity 8+ Wins Petite Final on Day Two at Dad Vails
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Second Varsity 8+ Wins Petite Final on Day Two at Dad Vails

Complete Results | Day One Recap

PHILADELPHIA – The George Mason University rowing team wrapped up a solid 2017-18 season with a petite final win and proper senior sendoff Saturday at the historic Dad Vail Regatta.
After a strong first day of competition that sent both Patriot boats into petite finals, the Second Varsity 8+ took the title in their head-to-head race, while the Varsity 8+ finished fifth. In the first season that Mason has taken two full eight boats in the head coach Ted Nagorsen era, Mason's head coach certainly was pleased with the results.
"Having two Varsity 8+ boats at a regatta of this caliber was a great moment for our program," Nagorsen said. "I know the result wasn't their goal as a group, but for both crews to make the petite final, they will look back and ultimately remember how challenging it is to accomplish. It's something they should be very proud of. I know our staff certainly is."
In the Second Varsity 8+ grand final, the Patriots took a big lead on head-to-head opponent Florida through the first 1000 meters. The Gators began a strong comeback and were within a boat's length in the closing stretch, but the Green & Gold found another gear to pull away at the end and secure the victory in 7:07.40.
The Second Varsity 8+ had a great effort," Nagorsen said. "If they were in the other heat Friday, things may have gone a different way. But they bounced back today to beat Florida. It's one of the highest finishes for the 2V8+ in my time at Mason and I'm very pleased with their race today."
The Varsity 8+ raced in the petite final at 4:30 p.m. and put together a competitive first part of their race. But towards the end, Mason battled through difficult water to ultimately finish fifth in a time of 6:49.51.
"The girls had an absolutely amazing row in the qualifying round Friday, showing what they're capable of and their speed," Nagorsen said. "Unfortunately in the afternoon, other crews were stronger in the beginning, and despite our efforts to reel them back in, we fell short. In the petit final, we had lane six, which is known to be a slower lane in the closing part of the race. But overall, they had a solid weekend out here."
Mason now bids adieu to an outstanding senior class which medaled as a freshman boat at Dad Vails in their inaugural year in 2014-15. Now as seniors, the group has completed its journey, in the process making Mason a regular contender in finals at both the A-10 and Dad Vail levels.
"Those girls who medaled as freshman said their goal was to be there again as seniors," Nagorsen said. "They didn't quite get to where they wanted, but looking at their complete body of work, they got Mason here with a Varsity 8+ and a Second Varsity 8+. I told the seniors they helped us reach this new level - becoming a consistent threat in the finals at Dad Vails. It's because of their hard work. Now it's up to the underclassmen to take the next step for us."
For now, the program can celebrate all the seniors have accomplished, while looking forward to a new chapter in the team's history beginning in 2018-19.
"This group means a lot to me," Nagorsen said. "They are truly special. They're great ambassadors for rowing and George Mason University. I'm looking forward to seeing what future athletes can do with the tone these seniors have set."
Time Trial
1. Boston University – 6:07.38
2. MIT – 6:14.08
3. Massachusetts – 6:16.88
4. Fordham – 6:18.41
5. Drexel – 6:21.52
6. Grand Valley – 6:22.97
7. George Mason – 6:23.99
8. Saint Joseph's – 6:24.10
9. Purdue – 6:26.53
10. Duquesne – 6:27.62
11. Washington College – 6:28.15
12. Middlebury – 6:31.42
13. Case – 6:31.98
14. Army 2 – 6:35.45
15. Ohio State – 6:46.18
16. Florida – 6:48.11
17. Marquette – 6:56.73
18. SUNY Geneseo – 7:05.38
1. Massachusetts – 6:36.27
2. MIT – 6:38.81
3. Grand Valley – 6:51.12
4. Washington College – 6:52.76
5. Duquesne – 6:52.81
6. George Mason – 6:57.37
Petite Final
1. Purdue – 6:40.05
2. Washington College – 6:42.32
3. Saint Joseph's – 6:43.03
4. Duquesne – 6:45.60
5. George Mason – 6:49.51
6. Middlebury – 6:49.94
Heat 1
1. Drexel – 6:46.85
2. Saint Joseph's – 6:58.59
3. Duquesne – 7:05.09
4. George Mason – 7:09.68
Petite Final
1. George Mason – 7:07.04
2. Florida – 7:13.06

Varsity 8+
B- Nicole Van Oort
2- Nida Peleda
3- Megan Gooding
4- Maria Justiniano
5- Caitlin Mahoney
6- Taylor Williams
7- Anne Graf
S- Elizabeth Rush
C – Kathleen Lackatose

Second Varsity 8+ 
B - Emily Holt
2 - Hannah Sawn
3 - Katelyn James
4 - Emily Egdahl
5 - Leah Gillespie
6 - Elizabeth Johnson
7 - Xander Huffman
S - Chelsea Cluck
C - Fabriana Velasquez
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