Extra Innings: Michael Smith
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Extra Innings: Michael Smith

As the countdown to college baseball season continues, GoMason.com will feature one of Mason baseball's new additions each week up until the season-opening games in Port Charlotte, FL. This week spotlights Michael Smith, freshman from Lorton, Va. 

GoMason.com: What factors ultimately led to your decision to attend George Mason University? 

Michael Smith: Both my parents went to George Mason and played sports, so I thought that it would be cool to keep the family tradition going.

GoMason: Before coming to George Mason, what did you know about the baseball program?

Smith: I knew a little bit about the baseball program just from what my dad told me about it as he played for Coach Brown.

GoMason: How have you been preparing for the upcoming season?

Smith: I have been preparing for the upcoming season by hitting everyday with my teammates and getting into the weight room to get stronger.

GoMason: Have you set any goals for the upcoming season? 

Smith: My goals for this upcoming season are to start every game, wherever it may be, and hit above .300. 

GoMason: What led to your interest in playing baseball?

Smith: I saw my dad playing baseball and softball and I fell in love with it ever since. 

GoMason: When and where did you first start playing baseball?

Smith: I began hitting baseballs and whiffle balls when I was about two years in my backyard with my dad. We would do this any chance we had as I loved playing and spending time with my dad.

GoMason: What is a favorite baseball memory as a child, on or off the field?

Smith: My favorite baseball memory was getting the chance to play for one of the greatest coaches I have ever played for. From when I was six years old in tee ball to my senior season of high school my dad helped me become the player and man I am today.

GoMason: Which Major League player, past or present, do you think you emulate the most?

Smith: I think I would emulate David Eckstein the most. Eckstein was not the biggest player and neither am I but I make all the routine plays and get one base.

GoMason: What does it mean to you to play for coach Bill Brown?

Smith: Coach Bill Brown is a great coach, and I'm very excited to play for him as I know I can learn a lot from him.

GoMason: If you could not play baseball, which sport would you play and why?

Smith: I would play basketball if I didn't play baseball. I have been referred to as the Jimmer Fredette of my freshman basketball team. Once I shoot the ball, I run back on defense because I know it is going in.

 GoMason: What is one thing you want people to know about you?

Smith: One thing I want people to know about me is I like to hunt and fish.

What is your favorite…

Pre-game meal - A chicken sandwich

MLB team - New York Yankees

Song - Can't Get Away From A Good Time

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