Rookie Wrestlers: Daniel Mika
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Rookie Wrestlers: Daniel Mika

The George Mason wrestling team is back to dual action when it travels to face Franklin & Marshall on Saturday, Devember 6. caught up with freshman Daniel Mika before competition in this installment of Rookie Wrestlers. What factors helped you choose to attend George Mason University?

Daniel Mika: The biggest factors were the wrestling program, the great academics, and the school size.

GoMason: What would you say is your favorite thing about George Mason?

Mika: I really enjoy the freedom and the new people I've met here the most.

GoMason: What are some things you looking forward to now that you are wrestling at the collegiate level?

Mika: I am most looking forward to seeing myself progress and become better and better each day at a new level.

GoMason: How has practice and training been so far this season?

Mika: Both have been really great so far. I like who I work with in practice, and I appreciate the training we do outside of the wrestling room.

GoMason: What kind of goals do you have for the upcoming season?

Mika: I have two main goals besides improving as much as possible. Firstly, I want to earn the spot at 174. Secondly, I want to qualify for the NCAA's.

GoMason: Which meets are you looking forward to the remainder of the season?

MIka: I prefer to just take things as they come because I find when I start looking so far ahead I tend to be distracted from the training in the present. What is one thing you would like people to know about you?

Mika: I will do the best I can.

What is your favorite…

Favorite Restaurant - Sweet Water Tavern

Movie - Kill Bill Vol. 1

Hobby - Watching movies, playing video games, and spending time with friends

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