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Live Events

Live Event Schedule

  Tuesday , August 12
  Soccer (W) @ Georgetown (Exhibition) 5:00 PM
  Thursday , August 14
  Soccer (W) @ Delaware (Exhibition) 7:00 PM
  Sunday , August 17
  Soccer (W) vs. UMBC (Exhibition) 7:00 PM
  Tuesday , August 19
  Soccer (M) vs. VILLANOVA (Exhibition) 7:00 PM
  Friday , August 22
  Soccer (W) vs. LOYOLA 7:00 PM
  Saturday , August 23
  Soccer (M) @ Campbell (Exhibition) 5:00 PM
  Sunday , August 24
  Soccer (W) vs. WILLIAM & MARY 7:00 PM
  Friday , August 29
  Soccer (M) vs. Howard (Kuykenstrong D.C. College Cup (at American)) 2:00 PM
  Volleyball (W) vs. Howard (The D.C. Volleyball Challenge) 4:30 PM
  Soccer (W) vs. EAST CAROLINA 7:00 PM
  Volleyball (W) vs. American vs Georgetown (The D.C. Volleyball Challenge) 7:00 PM
  Saturday , August 30
  Cross Country @ Duquesne Duals 9:00 AM
  Volleyball (W) vs. American vs Howard (The D.C. Volleyball Challenge) 11:00 AM
  Volleyball (W) vs. Georgetown (The D.C. Volleyball Challenge) 1:00 PM
  Volleyball (W) vs. Georgetown vs Howard (The D.C. Volleyball Challenge) 5:00 PM
  Volleyball (W) vs. American (The D.C. Volleyball Challenge) 7:00 PM
  Sunday , August 31
  Volleyball (W) vs. Metro University of Puerto Rico (Exh) 2:00 PM
  Soccer (M) @ American (Kuykenstrong D.C. College Cup (at American)) 3:00 PM
  Soccer (W) vs. AMERICAN 4:00 PM
  Friday , September 05
  Volleyball (W) vs. Lehigh (Patriot Invitational) 1:00 PM
  Volleyball (W) vs. ETSU vs William & Mary (Patriot Invitational) 3:00 PM
  Soccer (W) vs. Indiana (Ohio State Tournament) 4:00 PM
  Volleyball (W) vs. Lehigh vs Maryland (Patriot Invitational) 5:00 PM
  Volleyball (W) vs. ETSU (Patriot Invitational) 7:00 PM
  Soccer (M) vs. WISCONSIN 7:00 PM
  Saturday , September 06
  Volleyball (W) vs. William & Mary vs Lehigh (Patriot Invitational) 10:00 AM
  Volleyball (W) vs. Maryland vs ETSU (Patriot Invitational) 12:00 PM
  Volleyball (W) vs. William & Mary (Patriot Invitational) 2:00 PM
  Volleyball (W) vs. Lehigh vs ETSU (Patriot Invitational) 4:00 PM
  Volleyball (W) vs. University of Maryland (Patriot Invitational) 6:00 PM
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Patriots Beat
New Ground
When Brad Edwards was playing for the Washington Redskins from 1990-94, he spent a lot of off-season time at the George Mason track. It never occurred to him that one day he might be occupying a...
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